Just say know Local Autonomy

Local autonomy is the third instrument of Just say know. The instrument provides system knowledge about the unique german self government which is nowadays in a crisis due to adjustment of inequalities in the euopean community. This buerocratic macrocosmos wants to get control over all the different microcosmos´. But from oecosciences we know that the more sophisticated a system is the more balance it generates. The less sophisticated a biological system is the less balance is inherent.

Our society is such a biological-social system that depends mainly on human beings (and many other living spheres) and their behaviour. We´re confrontated more and more with social-administrative-political management systems which mainly manage their system components towards bigger und more comprehensive systematics daily. These proceedings might be capable to squash hopes of basis democratical movements – and this is one of the main challenges of Just say know. Stop these proceedings with the instruments of Just say know.

Internet provides us a big chance to connect the different nets for some special targets, for example as CAMPACT does it. If we´re interested in a campaign, we can connect us via social nets like facebook and others. Or we have a look on google or other targeting services to find people with similar interests and then we start  connecting us with the nets and vice versa.

At least we can build up alliances between the small cities and administrative districts – at least beween the inhabitants directely to help each other and to confirm together, that local autonomy is one of the best guarantos for social stability. In germany over 60 years experience with this kind of governmental subdivison tells us a worldwide and even unique story of success and social peace, individual freedom and personal welfare.
But as a former malian friend of mine told me while we went to Ernst-August-University of Göttingen, Lower saxony, Germany:“ The germans are really nice people, but one may not leave them alone with themselves!Then they might be a danger for the whole world!“

One of the main targets and challenges  of Just say know is to provide informations about the self governmental structures of the german administration system. And core of this administrational structure is the loal autonomy of the cities and administrative districts.

So, please don´t leave us alone with ourselves 🙂

We are really excellent in confirming supporting and aid structures on a cooperative and democratic basis. Let us build up a new people´s movement. Let us declare that the turning point ist obviously. Even the people in the hunderedthousands small villages on the world have the capability to change world´s countenance.



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