Be Welcome to “ Just say know “

Welcome to „Just say know“ from Germany.

It´s not just say no – it´s just say know! But if you want both concepts have volitional similarities because to say know in many cases induces to say no! So to say no is often based upon your personal acquired knowledge about a special theme. Sometimes I Think that No is more often used than Yes. Many of my friends and members of my family think that to say no is most of times better than to say yes.  Give him an inch and he will take an ell. I decided for me. I try to give him an ell whenever I can because an inch is nothing worth in this context.

As far as I know the „Just say know-concept“ is an unique concept based upon the life story of Timothy F. Leary. The author´s opinion is that T.F.Leary is one of the most important philosophers of the rising millenium. Therefore this homepage is  a small and minor reminisence at all to T.Leary´s studies which can be summed up in the phrase S.M.I2.L.E. – Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension.

Normally the „Just say know-concept“ concerns mind-expanding drug themes. On this page and side you´ll never find anything about drugs at all. Except for freedom, equality before the law, fraternalism and similar qualities of human society  – because these ideals sometimes feel like mind expanding drugs if they´re entering your cybernaut´s mind. These qualities of humanity which are fixed in several conventions for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms sometimes take effect like drugs, or not!? Once „consumed“ they may influence your whole life and philosophy and you won´t never kick this habit 🙂

„Just say know“ in this context is an individual internet project of a cybernaut from Groß Steinum, Lower Saxony, Germany and may be it´s a part of the so-called Starseed Transmission – I just say know and I send this message to anybody who wants to listen and read it.

Turn on, tune in, drop out! These were the basic keys of T. Leary´s philosophy.

On this homepage you´ll get a deeper impression of what are the basic principles or the pattern of „Just say know-concept“ from Germany:

1. Connect the nets
2. Democratic information technology
3. International business
4. Local autonomy
5. Permacultural design

Have fun!

The picture in the header is a photo made by Hubble telescope and can be found on wikipedia. It shows a small detail of a picture that was shot with an 11 days exposure. Due to this extraordinary setting it was possible to show a time scale from 800 mio. years after bing bang up to now. Remind please that astronomers think that our universe is about 13,5 mrd. years old. So the main part of the astronomical and therefore even evolutionary time scale is represented on this beautiful and extraordinary picture.

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