Just say know International Business

The second instrument of just say know  is an international business directory.

Com-pool.com means commercial pool- an international business directory with the special idea of setting unique conditions for the millions of small companies and businesses around the world to enter the global market by this specific and easy handling instrument for advertising products and services.

Target of com-pool.com is to provide an excellent service for small companies or cooperatives all over the world. My personal aim was to give these millions of small companies or cooperatives a chance to enter the global market through internet. Most of the times no one knows about these millions of extraordinairy skills and products and for most of the millions of customers it is very interesting to buy products directly.

If you have your own login on com-pool.com you don´t need any TLD (Top level domain) anytime longer and by this way you can save money because you don´t need to spend money for providing and hosting an own TLD. On com-pool.com you can easily describe your skills, your products of your company or cooperative. After a while your company will be found in the tracing services on internet. And may be you can generate a direct

Here in germany is one oft the greatest international markets and we need nearly everything. So, why you don´t enter this market?! It´s easy – so do it!

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