Just say know Permaculture

Permacultural design based upon Bill Mollisons „Permaculture design manual“ nowadays is nothing more than an ecological niche for some enthusiastic ecologists.

Industrial agriculture,forestry and water supply for energetic purposes are the main topics only of those who earn millions of Euros even because they earn their money by singing a special landscape, water and air polluting stock corporation song. Their hitlist is focused upon the share holder value, not on preserving landscape´s ecological potencials, not on water shed and water source preservation and or  air´s immaculacy.

They earn their money by exploitation of soils, water sources and clean air. They imagine that soil, water, air are dead and manageable anorganic ressources and that´s the reason why the deserts grow with an increasingly velocity year by year. In scientific reports an amount of 70.000 square kilometres per year is universally accepted. That means every year the size of whole  ireland or the german federal state Bayern is desertificated and devasted. Imagine –  only within one decade whole germany would be a desert.

So „just say know“ publicies a further instrument of  the „Just say know-conecpt“. It´s permacultural design! With this integrating art of design living environments are regarded as holistic systems which are designed to an sustainable optimum of the collaboration-triangle humans-plants-animals.

Permacultural design of landscapes in its origin is much older than the ideas of Mollison und Holmgren. In Germany this idea was created by the Biolandbau movenment which started in the 1920ies and is represented nowadays by DEMETER organization.

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