Homage to Daniel Suarez

You won´t believe it but it´s a long long time ago that I had the chance to read this extraordniary kind of literature. Literature that blows away your mind, that pulls the rug out from under yourself. May be you recapitulate now when this happened the last time in your life!? Do it! And may be you´ll have a smile on your face when I tell you that my little homage in focused upon Daniel Suarez. During the last two weeks I´ve read DAEMON and DARKNET written by Daniel Suarez.
An article in the best newspaper I know, in the „TAZ“ set me on the right track. Thanks TAZ, you´re the best in germany!

So, why do I tell you now this bulk of shitted esoteric jubberwocky and why do I headline this input with „Homage to Daniel Suarez“?! It´s easy. When I read these two books I detected that something like a simularity between his ideas and thoughts or impressions in my mind and fantasy. Please have a look on the instruments of „just say know“ for our future that I introduced for you on this blog. May be it´s a simularity or it´s a synchronicity – something like that it is, I´m sure!

The instruments for a new world society the one world-one voice-alliance (let´s call it oW-oV-ALL)  are easy:

1. demit – democratic information technology

2. local autonomy

3. com-pool.com – the business directory for all those who will sell their handmade, intelligent and original products

4. connect the nets of intellectual, peaceful and democratic ambitioned people on the world

5. permacultural designs

May be you´re critical and ambitioned to tell the others that you have the better ideas for WOVALL. Please let us know which way you decided go here on this short time of presence on earth! Please give me your ideas, spread them through internet and in live discussions with your best friends, let us know waht do you think will be the best way to chande the existing kleptocraty and neofeudalism.

This „just say know blog“ is my hidden and heartfelted message for the new generations. And I want to say thanks to Daniel Suarez. You feeded my strength and my will to go on my way – this way of preparing the future.

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